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Warranty Duration
Normally 3-year warranty is offered.
Warranty Cost
During the warranty time the new products are compensated by us to replace defective ones which have been confirmed by mutual sides. 
Warranty Criteria of Defects
1.  One or over one piece SMD or COB LED fails to illuminate.
2.  The whole or half of light fails to illuminate.
3.  The ray of lights obviously flickers.
4.  Other reasons that have been confirmed by mutual sides.
Warranty Procedure
Photos of the defective parts will be taken by the customers and sent back to us. Through the pictures,
a) If we can figure out the defective reason, then shipping the defective ones back is not necessary but directly compensating new products.
b) If we cannot figure out the defective reason, the defective ones will be shipped back to us for deeper analysis. Freight cost will be paid by us.