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Part No.: WM-L2009
Product Name: RGB amplifier
Product Description: 12V
Product Class: LED controller

一.Main Specifications:
Working Temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Voltage: DC12V
Size: L93×W65×H24mm
Packing Size: L160×W95×H51mm
Net Weight:110g
Gross Weight: 145g
Output:  Three CMOS open-drain output
Connection : common anode
Rated load current: 4A per route
Max load current:6A per route

It can continue to enlarge three groups of output signals on red, green and blue, and improve the load capacity of system.
1、The voltage is DC12V,not available of AC12V or DC24V
2、Forbid mutual connection, it will cause short circuit.
3、Time of warranty for the product is one year , it can be changed or mend in this period, but not for man-made damage or working over load.