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Commodity characteristics:

1: Hand-held remote control. No APP needed, no Bluetooth needed, no network support needed, no potential network security problems!
2: This sterilizing lamp comes with USB charging interface on the body. High performance 5V charging input.
3: Intelligent and convenient life. Old people/nursing mother/children don’t need to grope in the dark anymore. All that needed is just a remote control to light up the night.
4: The range of remote control identification is up to 8 meters. The long distance can reduce radiation and make daily life more convenient.
5: It can be switched between the UVC+A UV sterilizing lamp and ordinary LED lamp by remote control, which is suitable for different scenes.

1. Unpack and see if the item is intact.
2. Press the switch ON key on the remote control. The first time is UVC+A sterilizing lamp. It can be hand held toward the places needed to be disinfected. Three to five centimeters, The sterilization rate is 99.9% after 4-5 rounds. (The sterilizing lamp will switch off automatically in 3 minutes. Press the OFF key on the remote control to turn off before 3 minutes) Press OFF after completion to turn it off.
3. Press the ON key. The second time is the single warm color LED lamp. The LED of the night lamp is always on by default. Press the OFF key when need to turn off.
4. Press the ON key. The third time is the single white color LED lamp. The LED of the night lamp is always on by default. Press the OFF key when need to turn off.
5. Continuously press the button to cycle the different types of lights.
6. When charging, the left pinhole indicator light is red when looking obliquely. It turns blue when fully charged.
Note: In some extreme cases, if the remote control fails, the reset can be completed by removing the finger ring sticker and pressing the reset key in the rectangular small hole in the middle of the bottom case.

Matters need attention:
1. Do not operate under extreme conditions such as abnormal high temperature, inflammable and humid conditions.
2. Please do not disassemble the product without authorization.
3. Children should use it correctly under adults’ guidance.
4. In order to ensure the safety of using, please do observe the precautions.

Product parameters:
Product dimensions: ¢94.5*37.5  mm
Material: ABS+PC
Number of UVC+A lamp beads: 2
Ordinary LED lamp beads: 10
UVC+A lamp beads wavelength: 260-280nm/390-405nm
Working voltage: 3.3V-5V
Charging interface: TYPE-C  USB  
Power consumption of the ordinary lamp beads: 0.35-1(W)
Input voltage of the USB interface: 5V 1A
Color temperature of the LED: 2900-6500k
Lamp beads life:≥10000 hours
Luminous flux (LM): 22-26lm

List of Goods:
The main body of the intelligent ultraviolet sterilizing lamp x1   TYPE-C cable x1 Manual x1 Certificate of conformity x1   Finger ring sticker x1